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We feel the urgency of this moment – every week, new information comes to the public attention about how climate change continues to harm our collective resource of this planet, and in doing so harms those most vulnerable among us. The problem feels immediate and overwhelming – it may already be too late.

As Jews, we draw inspiration from the thousands of years of our tradition. We remember that we have faced moments of deep existential crisis before. We are ready to act urgently – but we will also act thoughtfully, deliberately, drawing on our roots and the tools Judaism provides for us to navigate moral problems of our day.

In addition to the links under this Take Action section, we have compiled (and continue to add) resources – we encourage you to look at those as well, to ground the work. In the words of Pierke Avot (The Ethics of our Anscestors): study is greater than action, because study leads to action.

  • Visit our Current Campaigns page for specific and concrete goals.
  • Use the resources of our partner organizations, including Hazon, to make personal lifestyle changes that reduce carbon – and to do an organizational audit to examine your current practices and ways to minimize carbon impact.
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  • Get your community involved. Ask your congregation, school, professional association or any other group to engage in these climate campaigns.