• What is the Jewish Climate Change Campaign?

    The Jewish Climate Change Campaign was founded amidst efforts to mobilize the world’s religious and cultural communities to join together to combat climate change. The Jewish Climate Change Campaign has created a seven year plan for the Jews, as a people, to decrease their environmental footprint and to find ways to bring ideas of conservation and renewal into people’s everyday lives.

  • What are the goals of the Jewish Climate Change Campaign?

    The Jewish Climate Change Campaign hopes to instill a sense of communal responsibility amongst the Jewish people and to impart realistic notions of how we can each sustainably consume resources and reduce harm and waste. We hope to gather 600,000* signatures on the pledge and get hundreds of synagogues and Jewish organizations across the US to become organizational partners to combat climate change. *We use the number 600,000 because there is a special prayer said when 600,000 Jews gather.

  • Why is it necessary for the Jewish people – or any other religious or cultural group – to address environmental issues such as climate change?

    By asking each religion and cultural group to think about how sustainable living fits in with its own distinct beliefs and by creating a framework to pass this knowledge down through the generations, we can be infinitely more effective in making lasting change for the world we live in and hope to pass on to our children.

  • What is the significance of the seven year plan of the Jewish Climate Campaign?

    We have been pumping greenhouse gases into our atmosphere ever since the Industrial Revolution. Reducing the impacts of the impending climate change will take time and a long-term commitment. The seven year plan acknowledges this challenge and the enduring Jewish sense of hope and change.

  • Are there specific mandates in the Bible that are consistent with the idea of preserving the environment?

    Some of the central practices of Jewish tradition such as the Sabbath, keeping kosher and saying blessings over meals relate to cherishing and protecting the natural environment. The goal of the Jewish Climate Change Campaign is to highlight and re-emphasize the countless ways that religion and conservation can be linked and to integrate them into everyday thinking.

  • What can we, as individuals, do?

    We can start by increasing our own, and our children’s awareness of the value and precious nature of our environment. Simple steps like recycling and re-using in your own home is a great way to start and to teach children that resources are not endless.

  • Are there other religious and cultural groups involved in this initiative?

    Yes. Each of the religious and cultural groups must work together to address this communal crisis we now face and look to our shared values in order to preserve the world as we enjoy it today. Baha’ism, Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Sikhism

  • What is the Climate Change Bus Tour?

    The Climate Change Bus Tour – Powered by Hazon, Teva and Veggie Oil – is our tool for sharing climate change education, action and advocacy across the US. This Topsy Turvey Bus (passed down from Ben & Jerry’s), is equipped with verma-compost bins (worms), solar panels and Jewish educational programs.

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