About This Campaign

This campaign originated on the world’s stage alongside plans from many of the world’s religions at the request of The Alliance of Religions and Conservation, ARC. ARC is an umbrella non-profit organization based in the UK that seeks to inspire and mobilize the world’s religious communities to create a better world. It was founded on the belief that knowing what to do about the environment is not enough, a profound shift in values and vision to motivate us to act on our knowledge is essential. The values and vision of the world’s faiths can shift human behavior through inspiration and guidance.

To mobilize the resources of the world’s spiritual traditions ARC, in partnership with the United Nations, invited each of the world’s major religions to write and commit to a seven-year sustainability plan detailing how each religion intends to mobilize its wisdom, resources and members to combat the ecological crisis. The seven-year timescale is a step towards generational change, beyond electoral cycles and short-term political horizons, towards the world that we leave our children.

The plans were presented in November 2009 at a ceremony at Windsor Castle, England in front of an audience including the Queen and the Secretary General of the United Nations. This event preceded the global climate negotiations in Copenhagen and Rio. The unified religious voice was one of the many that contributed to the negotiations.

ARC invited Hazon and Jewish Climate Initiative to take the lead in drafting a seven-year plan for the Jewish people. We hope that the plan will help to focus and amplify the diverse energies within the Jewish world that are turning to address this issue.

This campaign is a call to action, a call to demonstrate that the Jewish people can help light the way to more sustainable living. We are heirs to a tradition that believes that learning and discussion must lead to action. Read. Think about what we’ve written. Disagree. Strengthen what is here – but most of all, act. Be a link in the chain of bringing these words to fruition and of adding the next chapter in the Jewish people’s contribution to the world.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about the Jewish Climate Change Campaign please contact us at climate@hazon.org

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