Sept 21 Climate March Flier with Bleeds-page-0

Thanks so much for being part of the Jewish contingent at the Climate March . We hope you enjoyed it and felt it was worthwhile.

The next three weeks will be filled with the holidays that start the Jewish new year. We hope that as you celebrate, with friends and family, you’ll talk about the Climate March, and that you’ll start to think about what we could or should be doing as a community. If you have thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, go ahead and post them on the Jewish Climate Campaign’s Facebook page. Let’s think together about education, action, and advocacy – learning about the consequences of our actions, making changes in what we do, and speaking up for change. Here are some ways to take immediate action and here is a list of Jewish resources on climate change.

Check out photos from the march on our Facebook page, and tag yourself and your friends. And if you took home one of the Jewish Climate Change Campaign banners, please email Liz Traison.


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